Claverack members sometimes call to inquire about installing windmills on their property.  Our most important suggestion is to conduct a wind study for at least one year at the location and height that your proposed windmill would operate.  Wind energy maps are not sufficient in estimating the amount of energy you may produce.

Important information if you are considering alternative energy:

Your first step is to contact us at 1-800-326-9799.  Click here to access the Alternative Energy Interconnection Checklist.  This document will walk you through all the steps necessary to properly interconnect to our system.

The most important factor in determining your benefit is to make a reasonable estimation of how much your generator will produce. The best way to do this is to conduct a wind study at the location and height that your windmill would operate. We recommend a wind study done for at least a year. This data, along with the product specifications should help you make a realistic estimate of the generation you may expect.

There are many companies that sell wind generators. An online search will supply you with many contacts. You will need to know the output of the generator in order to compute your expected power production and to determine if you can interconnect to the grid. Purchase your wind mill from a reputable company that will support your installation and future maintenance needs.