Responsible Energy Management

Responsible energy management benefits you and all members of your cooperative. With Claverack’s optional Time-of-Use (TOU) rate, you have control over the price you pay for electricity. During the off-peak hours, the TOU rate is less than the cost of the regular residential rate. During the on-peak hours, the TOU rate is higher than the regular residential rate. By choosing to operate appliances off-peak (when rates are cheaper), you may realize substantial savings.

With the TOU rate, you are responsible for your energy management. Most members who use this rate have hard wired timers installed for water heaters, and use appliance timers for plugged in equipment. They also ensure tools, dryers, dishwashers, heaters and other high use items are only used during off-peak periods. (Remember, time control devices without battery backup will need to be reset after a power outage.)

The time schedule for the TOU program is as follows:

Monday-Friday: 7am-11am
Monday-Friday: 1pm-9pm

Monday-Friday: 11am-1pm
Monday-Friday: 9pm-7am
Weekends: Friday 9pm to Monday 7am

If you think the TOU rate may work for you, ask yourself these questions.

  • Do the off-peak hours for using my electricity fit my lifestyle?

  • Do I have electric heat?

  • Do I have an electric water heater, dehumidifier, dryer or other high energy use items that I could control?

There is no cost to switch to this program, although the monthly service charge for this meter is a few dollars more than a standard meter. Please contact our office for the current TOU rates and to discuss the program with a member services representative.

The TOU rate is only available to residential members and the hours and rates for this program are subject to change (with notification).  The TOU rate is unavailable to members with interconnected distributed generation systems.