Office of the President & Chief Executive Officer

  • Steve Allabaugh, President & CEO

  • Annette Koder, Executive Assistant

Financial Services

  • Jennifer Jones, Chief Financial Officer

  • Kylie Slater, Accountant

  • Lynn Jennings, Accounting Assistant

  • Nicole Newton, Billing Process Supervisor


  • Nicholas Berger, Senior Director of Engineering and Operations

  • Nathan Stoddard, Staking Supervisor and Engineering Assistant

  • Stacey Ammerman, Information Systems Coordinator

  • Liz Johnston, Engineering & Operations Department Assistant

  • Larry Beebe, Technical Services Supervisor

  • Steve Huston, Field Service Technician

  • Brennan Coates, Field Service Technician

  • Johnny (JC) Rodriguez, Field Service Technician

  • Elijah Bennett, Electrical System Engineer

  • Aidan Joyce, Electronics Technician

  • Neal Snyder, Supervisor of Purchasing 

  • Shane Dodge, Warehouse Helper/Coordinator


  • Nicholas Berger, Senior Director of Engineering and Operations

  • John Camburn, Manager of Field Operations

  • Bernard Barrett, Manager of Operations Planning

  • Josh Baublitz, Right-of-Way Program Manager

Operations – Wysox District

  • Rich Herman, Crew Chief

  • Greg Wilcox, Serviceman

  • Jeremiah Lund, Journeyman Lineman

  • Leonard Fowler, Journeyman Lineman

  • Nate Hoke, Apprentice Lineman

  • Tanner Keeney, Apprentice Lineman

  • Adam Rosenberger, Apprentice Lineman

Operations – Montrose District

  • Allen Scott, Crew Chief

  • Brandon Griffiths, Serviceman

  • Paul Huffman, Journeyman Lineman

  • Troy Ely, Journeyman Lineman

  • Dave Gardner, Apprentice Lineman

  • Eric Henry, Apprentice Lineman

  • Isaac Dibble, Apprentice Lineman

Operations – Tunkhannock District

  • John McKernan, Crew Chief

  • Shawn Robinson, Serviceman

  • Justin Franko, Journeyman Lineman

  • Austin Kriner, Journeyman Lineman

  • Matt Franklin, Journeyman Lineman

  • Robert (Scott) Rockwell, Apprentice Lineman

  • Cole Wilson, Apprentice Lineman

Member Services

  • Brian Zeidner, Director of Member Services

  • Karen Evangelisti, Manager of Communications & Marketing

  • Rebecca Allen, Member Services Supervisor

  • Lisa Milne, Member Service Representative

  • Maria Belcher, Member Service Representative

  • Megan Rought, Member Service Representative

  • Elaina Johnson, Member Service Representative

Revolution Broadband

  • Kyle Lane, Director of Broadband Operations

  • Ryan Chamberlain, Communication Technician