Claverack Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc. is a member-oriented, not-for-profit electric utility dedicated to providing safe and reliable energy and other valuable services to those we serve.

Core Values

  • We believe in people working honestly and ethically together for the benefit of the cooperative, members, employees, and community.

  • We believe in responsible fiscal management consistent with cooperative principles.

  • We believe that the not-for-profit cooperative method is not only a sound business model, but because it puts people above profit, it is a highly ethical one.

  • We believe in the value of education for all those who serve the membership.

  • We believe in innovative thinking to solve the technological and environmental concerns of the future.

  • We believe that the cooperative exists wholly for the benefit of our member-owners and their communities.

  • We believe in promoting and establishing a safe, professional, and respectful environment for our employees.

  • We believe that an informed membership is an understanding membership, and the cooperative will seek to openly communicate and exchange information with each member.

  • We believe in enhancing the rural way of life.

  • We believe in promoting safety awareness and education to our members and their communities.