If your bill is higher than you expected, please read this important information.


As the outside temperature changes, it's critical to remember that the weather does affect your bill.

Depending upon the hours of use, monthly electric bills could increase by over $140 per device by using:

  • Portable electric heaters

  • Engine block heaters

  • Heat tapes or heat lamps

  • Livestock water de-icers

  • ​Air conditioning units

  • Dehumidifiers

  • Pool pumps or pond fountains

If you have electric baseboard heat or have a heat pump at your home, your bills will increase during the cold winter temperatures. Furnace fans and circulating pumps will also generate more electric use when the temperatures drop. Conversely, if you have central air or a heat pump, warmer temperatures will increase your electric consumption. 

Have you recently added:

  • A new device or appliance to your home

  • A pet that requires a special habitat powered by electricity

  • Decorative or halogen lighting

  • Any additions to your home or new outbuildings that are heated/cooled by electricity

  • A hot tub

  • New members to your household

Have there been problems/malfunctions with any of the following:

  • Well pump

  • Water heater

  • Pressure tank/switch

  • Heat pump

  • Refrigerator/freezer

When your electric bill has increased considerably, it is important to look at the timeframe the bill covers. Be sure to look at the "Services From and To" dates located on page 2 of your bill. What may have been going on during that time period that would have increased your electric consumption? For detailed information to assist you with understanding your bill, CLICK HERE.

Comparing your bill to the bill of someone else is not a true reflection of what your electric consumption should be. The only accurate way to estimate your electric consumption is to look at all of your appliances, electronics, lighting, and other devices, as well as the number of hours they are used each day. Remember, you also have to include appliances or tools that you may only use seasonally or occasionally. 

You can calculate the cost to operate any device if you know the wattage (often found on a data plate or tag) and the hours used. Simply use this calculation:

Watts x hours in use (for the month) divided by 1,000 = kWhs x $0.13 (Claverack's current combined price per kWh*) = monthly cost to operate the device. As an example, we'll calculate the use of an average space heater used 24 hours a day for the month: 1500 watts x 24 hours x 30 days / 1,000 = 1,080 kWh x $0.13 = $140.40

* CLICK HERE for detailed information on the rates that took effect as of January 1, 2023.

SmartHub Account Access

An extremely helpful tool for our members is SmartHub - our secure, online account portal. By accessing your account with SmartHub, you can view and manage your usage (all located under the My Usage tab). Tools are available within your SmartHub account to analyze and understand usage trends. You can look at your electric usage on a monthly, daily or hourly basis.

In addition, be sure to select the Notifications tab and visit the Manage Contact and Manage Notifications pages. It's here that you can elect to receive email and text notifications regarding important events affecting your account. An especially useful option is the Usage Notification. This will inform you (by text or email) when your usage is outside a certain threshold. Select the Options button on this screen to set your account to the threshold you are most concerned about.

It's easy to set up your account; CLICK HERE to access SmartHub login page and select the "New User?" option to sign up. You can also download the SmartHub app to your mobile device. Helpful videos can be found at the SmartHub 101 page. Please call our office for assistance, if needed.

Ways to Save Energy and Money

Members can reduce their monthly bills by reducing electric use and using electricity more efficiently. A few ways that we can help:

  • Set up your SmartHub account - this secure online tool allows you to track your energy consumption, get detailed graphs on usage, and much more. 

  • Access a wealth of energy efficiency information on our website using this link: Touchstone Energy Savings | Claverack Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc

  • Watch our website and Facebook pages for the Energy Efficiency Tip of the Month and other helpful ideas.

If your electric consumption still seems unusually high with no explanation, please call the member services department at 1-800-326-9799 or 570-265-2167 to speak with a representative. To help us investigate your electric use, a checklist may be provided to you. Once the form is returned, we will contact you to discuss the findings.