Energy Audit

Is your bill higher? Has your electric consumption gone up considerably? The member services department often addresses these concerns with questions like: Have you added a new appliance? Have you added to the number of people in your household? Has it been exceptionally hot or cold?

Comparing your bill to the bill of someone else is not a true reflection of where your electric consumption should be. The only accurate way to estimate your electric consumption is to look at all of your appliance and lighting use and add them up. Remember, if applicable, you also have to include appliances or tools that you may only use seasonally or occasionally. These may include heaters, block heaters, heat tapes, air conditioners, dehumidifiers or pool pumps.

Please use the link below to perform an online energy audit to determine if your electric consumption is where it should be. If your electric consumption still seems unusually high, please call the member services department at 1-800-326-9799 or 570-265-2167 to speak with a technical representative about an on-site energy audit.

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